With Or Without (2007)

"Steve has clearly not tried to record a prototypical progressive rock album
or get caught up in the prog cliches...."
- Unger's Wonderful World of Progressive Rock

"The songs ebb and flow, building in intensity and then relaxing, the acoustic
guitar providing lots of room for the music to breathe as well as forming the
connective tissue between many of the other songs..." - Jerry Lucky.com
The Purest of Designs (1998)

"A symphonic prog lover's wet dream."
-Clay Gaunce/The Trip - WRFL Lexington, Kentucky

"Strongly impregnated by the classical culture... a refined and
captivating masterpiece which must have required years of hard work."
Richard Guay/Quebec Audio magazine
To See It Made Real (1995)

"The romantic and beguiling beats of this collection whisk one away to fantastic,
faraway lands filled with progressive rock riffs and Celtic-influenced melodies."
Paul Berkwits/Asterism magazine

"...overflown with dynamism, symphonic grandeur, a shattering rhythm,
romanticism and passion."
-Victor Arenas/Amazing Sounds
Heroes Awaken (1991)

"Sometimes we need a kick in the uplifting end of our soul, and this music
does just that."
-Paul Rath/KDAQ Public Radio

"Exhilarating. Inspiring. Stunning in its reassuring, upbeat tunes. A musical
role model of hope, integrity and courage. A passionate beginning."
Renee Gelpi/Common Ground magazine
Guest appearances

These are recordings by colleagues of mine for which I have loaned my talents.
They are not available to buy here, but I encourage you to visit their respective
sites or contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of these CDs.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.
Shipping rates: 1 CD=$4, 2CDs=$7, 3CDs=$10, 4CDs=$12, 5CDs=$14
*Note to customers outside North America: These rates cover ground
shipping (4-6 weeks). For faster delivery, please contact me directly.

La La La: Variations On a Happy Song (2012)

"...totally epic prog!
Superlative composition, playing
& production. Very engaging, beautiful, & creative." - Len Rice

"Amazing! I love the whole concept of it. Fabulous, fabulous album."
- Spaceman Stan (Adventures In Plasticland - CKWR; Waterloo, Ontario)